DEPAC Advanced Dynamometer Systems:

The Most Accurate and Precise Dyno Instrumentation.

Major Performance Upgrades for Froude, SuperFlow, AVL, DTS, Stuska®, Go-Power, any Water Brake, Prop, or Electric dynos.

Applying Physics to the Application of ADVANCE Engine Dyno Testing Systems and STANDARDS & The most precise results possible.

NOTICE: DEPAC Dyno Systems Has moved ALL Operations to:
100 Memorial Drive, Nicholasville, KY 40356, (859) 885-2646

DEPAC uses a special patented process that is far more accurate than the ordinary 'Filtered A/D sampling' methods used by all other dyno systems. DEPAC Dyno Instrumentation is more than 10 times more precise and can show you changes more than 10 times smaller than possible with other dyno systems. No other dyno system comes close to the advanced performance of the DEPAC System and our new Advanced ADL Control system (using the same patented methods). Our incredible performance should speak better than any clever marketing claims by all others....

NOTE: Our forced move from Upstate NY to KY has caused at least a 6 month delay on new product development, which includes the Innovative Gen5 system.. Maintaining Good client support takes top priority.

27 Feb '14 - - New Videos of DEPAC-ADL Installations.

20 March 2014: Latest LINK4 Vers 4.23 for Windows Update.

Order DEPAC LINK4 Program for Windows .. $350.00 for Full licensed Latest Upgrade available NOW!

Dyno DriveShaft Updrades for popular dynos. NEW: Rattle Plate Note, most all dyno drive shafts are too ridgid and causes stress-fatique failures in both engine and drive line (why invite trouble). DEPAC has THE FIX to proper dyno-engine testing and provide a proper engine simulation of the application.

Available Summer(?) 2014 - - DEPAC Gen5 (Next Generation DEPAC Innovation) $950.00 Upgrade your current dyno by providing superior results for Torque and Power, including the revealing Machine-Gun dots. A better 2nd opinion on Engine Performance. See changes in Torq and Power more than 10 times smaller than you can see now.

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